Dear visitors, this web site is devoted to the great musician Elena Kuschnerova, the pianist everybody must know, whether the muzbiz likes it or not. There are several reasons to maintain this web site:
  • Contact: Concert organizers and journalists can obtain information on the artist here;
  • Promotional: Elena gets discovered and receives invitations to give recitals and master classes in different places of the world. Fans are writing about Elena in music forums, so that more people are getting to know her and the sales of her CDs are boosted; 
  • Commercial: CDs and music downloads can be bought from this web site. The majority of listeners who cannot mediate engagements and who are uncomfortable with publicly voicing their opinion can support the artist in this way, while acquiring reference-quality recordings for themselves;
  • Humanitarian: Limited access to noncommercial recordings is provided to those who cannot or do not want to pay for music. At the time being, you can download three free tracks a day. It is not the purpose of this site to provide unlimited free services to the whole world. Still those who are really interested in obtaining these recordings can get premier access here.

As I feel, offering lots of free downloads poorly serves the interests of the artists. Most of the downloaders do not understand the importance of the interpretation in classical music and the role of the performing artist.  They just want to get "songs" by composers that they consider as "artists", and they do not care for performers. A better solution, IMHO, is to employ streaming that makes the accent on the performing artist. Indeed, sitting at the computer and listening to a particular artist requires a significant motivation, unlike just grabbing the "song" and surfing away. This is a service for true music lovers only. Please, check Elena Kuschnerova Free Classic Radio opened in February 2007 that contains her nearly total output, piano & chamber music, commercial & noncommercial recordings including all her CDs, in more than 40 daily rotating playlists with weekly programming.

I wish you all to enjoy the site,

Dmitry Garanin,   Editor & Webmaster at http://elenakuschnerova.com
7 February 2007, New York City

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